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Hiya! Ophelia here. This is where we will give some context and background to our world. Welcome to iNORGANIC ACADEMY 101! This first lesson is about the one who started it all. You may know her (him) as St. Dismas. We know her as the god of Limbo. The following is an excerpt from one of Head Teacher Persephonie’s lectures. I was going to write about it but I couldn’t be bothered. Head Teacher Persephonie said it better than I could anyway. Enjoy!

Enthropist Class 1A, 2230hours:

Greetings once again my dearest loves. From the simplest of beginnings springs the complexities of life. From a seed, the tree. From an egg, the woman. The greatest castle began as a simple pebble. Knowledge of the simple foundations upon which complex structures are built is the beginning of understanding. Know that which is small and you will understand that which is great. For this reason, we will discuss St. Dismas. Many religions speak of her as the “penitent thief”; the one who repented in the face of death. St. Dismas, however, is balance itself. The third component necessary for Triangle Theory and thus the world as we know it to exist.

Where God may be light, the devil dark, St. Dismas is the twilight in between. In all their human sagacity, I found their oversight of St. Dismas perplexing. How such belief systems establish overseers in heaven and hell while overlooking the space between?! Is this just a lawless land? Certainly not. St. Dimas is responsible for ushering souls to their proper destination. Be it heaven, hell, to remain in Limbo or another existence on Earth. For now, existence on Earth is our only other frame of reference.

Of the many scientific theories created by humans, only a few are completely accurate. One of the most accurate theories posits, “matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed.” This is true for the souls of beings as well. For what are souls if not matter and energy? There are a finite number of souls in existence. There is a finite amount of matter and energy these souls occupy. Matter is converted into energy, a soul transfers to another being. This pattern continues and will continue until eternity. Everything balanced as it should be.

St. Dimas, her role is to direct souls to the proper place, structure, or body at the proper time. Do you not believe places have souls? Stand amongst the monuments in Wiltshire or the structures in Tulum and tell me you cannot feel the presence there? You can hear them. You can feel them. But you have to stop, listen, and feel. The most important of these is to stop. A conversation where everyone simultaneously speaks benefits none. Everything around you is speaking. Silence your own voice, and listen. This is the role of St. Dismas.

Chess is more than a game. It is a metaphor for how the universe works. It was a revelation given to humans so they could observe this. But they turned it into a game and gave it an endpoint. Humans think finitely. Only when you have transcended what is considered the end can you embrace the infinite. In chess, there is light and dark on opposite sides. But there is also the space in between. Limbo. Then there is the space outside of the board, Purgatory. Pieces can be placed in either space and exchanged for a variety of reasons. Now imagine a space where each piece can be exchanged for any other given certain parameters are satisfied. This is life and death. Merely a process of exchange.

What makes St. Dimas balance? If you recall at the crucifixion there were three members. Much is discussed about Jesus representing God. The other two were considered thieves. Gestas, or the impenitent thief is the negative balance to Jesus. A criminal, unremorseful and necessary to reveal the visage of remorse. Recognize how this individual stands out as having no “good” qualities. Obviously the Devil. The third member is less well understood. What is a penitent thief? I will tell you. A THIEF! What does it mean to be a thief? To be dishonest? To cheat? To possess”bad” qualities. Notice how this member has both good and bad qualities. This member was a thief. This member also had remorse. Ergo, this member was neither good nor bad. OR, good AND bad. Either way. You had Jesus (God) who committed no crime and was wholly good. Gestas (The Devil) who was wholly bad. And St. Dismas who was neither wholly good nor wholly bad. The balance. To God’s White and the Devil’s Black, St. Dismas was the Grey.

The event, the Crucifixion, was, in reality, a meeting of the God’s on Earth. We will discuss the ramifications of this meeting in a later lesson.

For now, remember to quiet your own voice, so you can hear what the world around you is saying. Then you will find your direction. Then you will find your balance. Only when balanced may we stand tall.

I send you off in peace, my dearest loves.