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Another excerpt from Head Teacher Persephonie’s lessons (you don’t expect me to have to actually write about this stuff do you?):

Enthropist Class 1A, 2255 hours:

Greetings once again my dearest loves.

Life and death are not opposites; rather two-thirds of a whole. Conception and death are opposites. We define conception as the soul entering a body. We define death as the soul leaving the body. Life is what the soul experiences between these two states.

We live in a physical world and thus require physical bodies to inhabit this realm. Earth and its contents exist in Sub-limbo.  Here physical bodies, souls, and spirits may all be present. In Limbo, only souls and spirits are allowed. In Purgatory, only souls.

St. Dismas is the God of Purgatory and thus the God of Limbo and Sub-limbo. By God, we mean overseer; not something to be worshiped like in human religions. Perhaps Lord is the more accurate term. Never-the-less, every realm and every sub-realm is divided into thirds. All other laws and phenomena follow this triad of division as well. This is Triangle Theory.

It is true we must know this to know that but there is also that which we do not know, the unknown. There is the past, the future, and the ephemeral present. I could cite infinite examples but I challenge you to discover them for yourself. This is the inherent problem with most human revelations. They tend to consider only the duplicity of a phenomenon while blind to the equally important final third element. Then they construct clever solutions or deus ex machina type narratives to explain their gap in logic.

Certain truths of Triangle Theory have been revealed, however. For example, electrons, protons, AND neutrons. Not only negative and positive but also the neutral. It is the neutral that is either overlooked or singularly observed. It can be concealed by its very powerful but diametrically opposed counterparts or conveniently surveyed as the sole component. Stop and think about the concept of gravity for example. What are the constituent components of such a concept? All things have a proverbial beginning, middle, and end.

Order is established in multiples of threes. Nine are the identifiable number of realms including the presence of sub-realms. Three are the components of life in the realm in which we live; such as the dimensions to which we are confined. Three are the qualifications of the Trinity Witch. Twenty-one are the Trinity Witches who were blessed by St. Dismas. Three are the Lords of the realms. The crucifixion was a revelation of this but humankind could see only one.  Many wars have been fought because of this. St. Dismas sought a war to end all wars and failed twice. We exist as remnants of the third war. And as we know, our world operates in threes. Thus, this third war will either signify the beginning or the end.

All will be revealed to us in due time. But for now, I send you off in peace my loves.