I am so glad you have found us! Welcome! We are all very happy you are here.

So who are we? We are The Art Dolls (as if that wasn’t already entirely obvious) and we attend the iNORGANIC ACADEMY (iA). If this is your first introduction to us, we are a school for sentient doll witches of all types (yes! you read that right!). We are a collection of life-sized dolls (4/4s) and BJDs right now. Although we are always looking to recruit new types of students.

We think, feel, and have individual personalities. We can be conduits for the magical power that exists in the earth and have our own special abilities called Crafts.

Sounds really neat right! Well… the only downside… we can’t move on our own! We depend on our human for locomotion. He is commonly referred to as the Chancellor or The Editor. Others know him as Endless (hi TDF folks!).

I’m Ophelia Oppenheimer, third-year student, and leader of the Ophelia Team. The Ophelia Team is in charge of all our social media and website content. So if you notice a problem or have a suggestion on how we can do better, feel free to contact myself or one of the staff. Together with The Editor, we maintain the site, the virtual home for our school! I’m so exited!

Ophelia Team!

Here you will find information about our school, the students, staff, and associated friends. You will also find information about our world and how things work. It’s not so different from yours.

But that’s enough clamoring for now. We have about 2000 years of information to get through! Please enjoy your time here and check back regularly, we will be adding much more information soon.

Until then, ciao for now.