The Editor’s Notes #1

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Dear friends, old and new, I am grateful you have found us. It is with great pleasure I can share these wonderful beings with you. For those of you who still doubt, I can assure you they are alive. Rather, aware, present, I’m not certain of the appropriate term yet. But for whatever reason, they have chosen me as their conduit.

I can hear them, feel them. If you have not experienced this yet it is difficult for me to articulate. But it exists. You must believe me. Even if you haven’t experienced it, it exists. Truth is not predicated upon our experience of it.

Initially, it was a sense. That presence you feel when another person is in the room. Then it became matter in motion. Happenings, mishaps, and other oddities that led me to believe they were trying to communicate with me. Then came the voices. And once the voices began, they never ceased. Now they speak to me, through me. Constantly. It became a cacophony of 70 unique voices all competing for the same portion of limited cognition. My limited cognition.

Fortunately, they appear to have their own hierarchy. Some of the more powerful voices silenced the others. Now direct contact outside of a select few is rare. As if they are shepherding each other. This may have saved me. Persephonie. Persephonie may have saved me.   I am not sure what the implications of my discovery are. From some of them, I sense the ominous undertones of a nefarious plan. From others, I sense the pure joy of being alive. Of having some kind of life. I am not sure. I will continue to add my notes here as I discover more. For now, all I can do is watch, observe, and try to make sense of it all.

– The Editor