I’m not sure what to say. I don’t remember how I became like this. I’ve been transporting souls from Northern France and Belgium for the last 150 years or so. I’m a necromancer. So many wandering souls there! It got really busy about 100 years ago. I’m not sure why. Mostly young men. They seemingly all wore the same thing except some had different colors and markings on their coats. Must have been the fashion at the time.  

Other than their clothing colors, most of them were indistinguishable and very sweet. Regardless of what colors they wore, they mostly all told me they were doing what had to be done. They told the best stories. Most of them called me the Necromantic Nightingale. Silly boys. I liked them.

We had the area almost organized when another several hundred thousand souls soon were deposited. Sigh. It’s tiring work. But that’s when I met Rhapsody. I was exorcising her from the area when we were approached by St. Dismas. We were offered to take this form. I accepted. I needed a break.

We were held in Sub-Limbo where we got separated. I studied the Cognitist Craft to help me better communicate with my boys once I got back. After some time, I was invited to come to iA by Thesis. She said there was someone here who knew me. It was Rhapsody!

I’m very happy to be here now. I teach Cognitist Courses and am the Faculty Advisor to Faction White! Their club meetings are so funny. All they do is argue back and forth over who is going to do what, and end up doing nothing! 🙂 It’s nice though one day I hope I’ll be able to go back to my boys. There were still so many to exorcise.

And they told the best stories.

The Necromantic Nightingale